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Voin Pahoin is an art collective dedicated to fostering a community.
We open our flat to the public on the fourth Saturday of every month
- transforming it into a makeshift art salon.

July, 2008
July 26, 2008
Jun Honma

July, 2008_f0148545_222627.jpg


We were very happy to have an artist, Jun Honma as the guest artist of VP vol.2 in Koganecho. His slide presentation took us through his work - from his earlier projects to a work in progress with the theme of the Ooka River running through the town of Koganecho. People from the local community, friends of Voin Pahoin and supporters of the Koganecho Bazaar got together to share the night with Jun Honma.

本間純 Jun Honma 
July, 2008_f0148545_22524040.jpg作品が置かれる背景をテーマとする作品を手がけている。2000年より越後妻有トリエンナーレに参加、2008年秋には、黄金町バザールとAOBA + ARTにて作品を発表する。
He has been creating works, incorporating the context of the place where his works are located. Since 2000, he's been participating in the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale, and in the fall of 2008, he is presenting new bodies of work at the Koganecho Bazaar and AOBA + ART.

Jun Honma


Koganecho Bazaar

July, 2008_f0148545_2334783.jpg

July, 2008_f0148545_23342144.jpg

July, 2008_f0148545_23343744.jpg

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June, 2008
June 21, 2008

June, 2008_f0148545_1028245.jpg


For the first installment of Voin Pahoin in Koganecho, we invited an artist unit Baumimi as the guest artist. VP's friends, supporters of Koganecho Bazaar and people from the local communities got together to participate in Baumimi's workshop "let's draw four-frame comic strips!!." Baumimi set up fun and relaxed atmosphere, where every participant felt like being an artist.

バウミミ Baumimi
June, 2008_f0148545_1144898.jpg


Baumimi: Artist unit formed in 2006. Their popular workshop, "four-frame comic strip," is traveling to many cities in Japan. www.baumimi.com

Members:飯川雄大 Takhiro Iikawa (b.1980) 神戸在住アーティスト artist based in Kobe http://www.bauzubauzu.com /
浜本大輔 Daisuke Hamamoto (b.1980) 京都在住グラフィックデザイナー・漫画家 graphic designer and comic book writer based in Kyoto http://www.bauzubauzu.com / 村井美々 Mimi Murai (b.1980) 大阪在住アニメーション作家 animation artist based in Osaka http://blog.goo.ne.jp/muraimimi

一. 起承転結ってなんだっけ!
二. 他人のキャラは真似ちゃだめ!
三. 四コマ目は人任せ!
四. オチなんて気にすんな!

June, 2008_f0148545_11105615.jpg

June, 2008_f0148545_1111658.jpg

June, 2008_f0148545_11111377.jpg

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May 24
May 24, 2008
Haruka Kojin

May 24_f0148545_19124721.jpg

おかげさまでヴォイン・パホインは2008年5月に一周年を迎えました→(< >)

荒神明香 Haruka Kojin
May 24_f0148545_1929129.jpgVPでは:一冊のポートフォリオを展示。午後9時よりブラジルで開催された『When Lives Become Forms』展のレポートを行う。

May 24_f0148545_19333225.jpg

May 24_f0148545_19331543.jpg

May 24_f0148545_19332436.jpg

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April, 2008
April 26, 2008
Philippe Laleu

April, 2008_f0148545_18581586.jpg

©Philippe Laleu


We invited a French artist, Philippe Laleu as the guest of the month.
It took us a while to get the right timing to work with Mr. Laleu, who also works as the director of French Institute in Yokohama. But in this month, our dream plan came true!
Philippe's Thai curry that we had at his home so delicious that made us decide to cook it for his show at Voin Pahoin.

Philippe Laleu フィリップ・ラルー
April, 2008_f0148545_1858449.jpgVPでは:自宅であるVPのコンテキストを利用し、自伝的な写真のインスタレーション《private location / a piece of world》を発表。またタイ滞在中に制作した映像作品《ce couple est une monstre (this couple is a monster)》を上映。午後8時よりミニトークを開催。At VP: introduced a video work that he created during his stay in
Thailand: "ce couple est une montre (this couple is a monster)" as well as a photo installation, "private location / a piece of world."

selected solo exhibitions (since 1998)

- Ses doigts bruns élégants, His elegant brown fingers, Bangkok University Art gallery, Bangkok, Rangsit, Thailand. (curator Ark Fongsmut).

- Ordinary Fictions by Philippe Laleu, part of "The 4th French Spring in Manila", Alliance Francaise, Manila, Philippines.

- Philippe Laleu for "Origins", Tadu contemporary art, Bangkok, Thailand.
- Private location,BizArt gallery, Shanghai, China / Guangdong Art Museum, Canton, China, (curator Monica Dematte).

- Voyage a Maebashi, Space contemporary, Bangkok.

- Ordinary Fictions, Numthong Gallery, Bangkok.

- Ordinary Fictions, Plastique Kinetic Worms Gallery, Singapore, (curator Yvonne Lee).
- Just (my ) fictions, Pekao Gallery, Toronto, Canada.
- A piece of world, Bangkok,
- About Studio, Bangkok.
- Tadu contemporary art, (external wall), Bangkok.
- Un mundo habitable, Fucares Galleries, Madrid and Almagro, Spain.

April, 2008_f0148545_1932759.jpg

April, 2008_f0148545_1934163.jpg

April, 2008_f0148545_1935034.jpg

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March, 2008
March 22, 2008
Takashi Umeki

March, 2008_f0148545_218405.jpg

©Takashi Umeki

We were pleased to have Takashi Umeki as the guest of the month.
He offered us to clean the room before installing his work.
We never expected our guest to vacuum the apartment!

梅木隆 Takashi Umeki
March, 2008_f0148545_21501380.jpgVPでは:身近な人の1日を記録した一連の写真を発表。各人の1日が一冊の本となり、他のアーティストとのコラボレーションにより装丁される。寝室である普段の状態のヴォインの4畳半に、3点を設置した。
At VP: Introduced series of photos, documenting a day in the life of people near him. Each person's day is compiled as a book with a cover that is created in collaboration with other artists. These books were placed among the everyday items in the bedroom.

1977年 福岡県田川市 生まれ

2001年 秋田公立美術工芸短期大学 漆芸専攻 卒業

2002年 金沢市 国際漆展
2002年 作品「family」 (音声作品) 全国各都市に1000枚配布
2003年 大分県 湯布院にて個展
2004年 金沢市 「交感する種」展
2007年 取手アートプロジェクト2007

現在 取手市在住

March, 2008_f0148545_2235390.jpg
March, 2008_f0148545_224338.jpg
March, 2008_f0148545_2241420.jpg
March, 2008_f0148545_2242465.jpg

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