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Voin Pahoin is an art collective dedicated to fostering a community.
We open our flat to the public on the fourth Saturday of every month
- transforming it into a makeshift art salon.

February, 2008
February 23, 2008
Chi Peng

February, 2008_f0148545_1212578.jpg

©Chi Peng
2月のヴォイン・パホインは、金島隆弘さん率いるFar East Contemporariesとの共催で、

We were pleased to have our first guest from China, Chi Peng.
He arrived in Japan on February 14 and will stay in Yokohama until mid
March to develop a new body of work.
Co-organized by Far East Contemporaries (led by Takahiro Kaneshima),
VP held a hot pot party to welcome Chi Peng.
People enjoyed 3 kinds of hot pot, while communicating in Japanese, Chinese and English.
Chi Peng also spent 2 hours to prepare delicious stewed pork for everyone.

遅鵬 Chi Peng
February, 2008_f0148545_1828663.jpgVPでは:VPでは:作品のミニ展示とミニトークを開催:2008年2月23日(土)/ 16:00-19:30 中国茶VP / 19:30-20:00 / 遅鵬さんトーク / 20:00-22:00 歓迎鍋パーティー
At VP: Chi Pen held a small exhibition of his work and mini talk : February 23 (Sat) : 4:00pm-7:30pm Tea Time / 7:30pm-8:00pm Talk by Chi Peng
/ 8:00pm-20:00 Hot Pot Party

Born in Yantai, Shandong Province, China
Entered Central Academy of Fine Arts
Graduated from the Digital Media Department, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China

Solo Exhibitions
Trading Pain, Ludwig Museum, Budapest, Hungary
Journey to the West, WHITE SPACE BEIJING, Beijing, China
Games of Simulation, Art Seasons, Singapore
Physical Practice, Zhu Qizhan Museum, Shanghai, China
Naked Lunch, Chambers of Fine Art, New York, USA

February, 2008_f0148545_18383691.jpg
February, 2008_f0148545_18384546.jpg
February, 2008_f0148545_18385464.jpg
February, 2008_f0148545_1839237.jpg

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January, 2008
January 26, 2008
Maiko Sugano

January, 2008_f0148545_22372964.jpg

©Maiko Sugano


We invited an artist, Maiko Sugano for the 9th installment of Voin Pahoin. The theme of her one-day VP residence was "ingredients of today's house rather than furniture." She incorporated everyday objects into her artwork, by magically turning daily utensils into objects exclusively for viewing. Our banal life suddenly became life filled with surprises. We hope Maiko and everyone enjoyed our homemade sushi roll and miso soup.

菅野麻依子 Maiko Sugano
January, 2008_f0148545_22385184.jpgVPでは:「家具というより、今日の家の具」をテーマに、日常品を利用した作品を発表。寝室の布団が宙に浮かび、「影のための棚」と「ほこりのための棚」が壁に設置され、ベランダの選択物干ピンチハンガーは「暗雲」となる。また、浴槽の氷山、洗面台の髪の毛で描かれた滝、トイレ・タンクの山など、借景を思わせる作品を制作。午後9時半よりドメスティック・アート・プロジェクト四方山荘についてのトークを開催。

At VP: With a theme of“ingredients of today's house rather than furniture," Maiko incorporated everyday objects into her artwork. Futons were flying in the air, new shelves were installed only to put shadow and dust, and clouds of black wool was hung in the balcony. There were also an ice mountain in the bath tab, water falls in the sink and little mountains on the toilet tank, reminding us of the Japanese gardening principle, Shakkei. She also gave a short talk about the domestic art project Yomoyama House, which she runs with 2 other artists.


Director/Artist. Born in Tokyo in 1974. Maiko Sugano graduated from School of Fine Arts at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts & Music in 1997, and in the same year she received the outstanding performance award at Parco ARBUNART 6. After working for a design farm, she embarked on around-the-globe trip, and ended up living in San Francisco in 2000. She was a grantee of San Francisco Foundation's scholarship and California College of Arts. She completed her MFA at California College of Arts in 2004. Since 2006 she has been working as a teaching assistant at the department of Intermedia Art at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts & Music. She is currently researching art and communication in a domestic environment, while continuing her artwork. For Maiko's Yomoyama Project, click here!

January, 2008_f0148545_2239475.jpg
January, 2008_f0148545_22395952.jpg
January, 2008_f0148545_2240929.jpg

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December, 2007
December 24, 2007
Report on "Memory of a Pot"

December, 2007_f0148545_2364662.jpg
special screening by Daisuke Mizushima


12月の定例ヴォイン・パホインで報告を行いました。守谷からはARCUSの中村さん、今期のレジデンス・アーティストDonald Abaddさん、野菜とお米をご提供頂いた飯田さんもかけつけて下さいました。


At the year-end wrap up Voin Pahoin, we reported our on-going project at ARCUS studios in Ibaraki, titled "Memory of a Pot." This project began in September 2007 when we found a rusty pot in the storage of a disused elementary school building, which is today home of ARCUS and Moriya Lifelong Learning Center. We decided to cook rice in this pot. We cleaned the pot, went to meet the locals to learn the history of the pot, researched how to cook rice in a big pot, and received donation of locally grown rice and vegetables. Finally on November 10, we were able share the rice with many warm-hearted people.

For the presentation at Voin Pahoin, we had special guests: Mr. Nakamura from ARCUS, Donald Abadd, artist in residence at ARCUS, Ms. Iida who kindly gave us delicious vegetables and rice.

For further information about "Memory of a Pot," please click here!

December, 2007_f0148545_13241833.jpg

ⓒ Takashi Arai

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November, 2007
November 24, 2007
Masanobu Nishino

November, 2007_f0148545_013653.jpg
©Masanobu Nishino


We invited an artist, Masanobu Nishino for the one-day residence this month. We couldn't set up a time for a site visit with him, so we gave him a key to our apartment. One evening, we found a note in a Mishima book, letting us know that he had been here. But we had no idea about his installation plans until the day of VP. To cerebrate Nishino's residence, Jun Honma (artist), and Taro Amano (curator) kindly made delicious Chinese dumplings.

西野正将 Masanobu Nishino
November, 2007_f0148545_116175.jpgVPでは:

1982 大分県生まれ
2001 大分県立芸術文化短期大学デザイン科卒業
2005 崇城大学芸術学部グラフィックデザインコース卒業
2007 東京芸術大学美術研究科先端芸術表現修士過程 修了

2002「零のゼロ session1」アートプラザ、大分
   「零のゼロ session2」 アートプラザ、大分
2003「零のゼロ session 3」大分県立芸術会館 大分
   「DEMENAGE IV」カナダ.モントリオール
2004 個展「TARIKI-HONGAN」大分文化振興財団主催、大分県民ギャラリー、大分
   「MMAC: AIZU ART COLLEGE 2004」会津、福島
2005「第24回 Graphic一坪展」Guardian Garden、銀座、東京
   「Toride Art Project 2005 ”Open Studio”」取手、茨城
   「横浜トリエンナーレ2005 GANSOMAEDA“FLEA CIRCUS”」横浜、神奈川
   「Connect the dots」 (東京芸大取手校地、茨城)
2006 個展「Doubt」Yuka Sasahara Gallery、神楽坂、東京
   「Snow Fort06」(日比谷ギャラリー、東京)
     Gallery Artlier、福岡
2007「Project the Projectors 2007」取手市内各所、茨城
   「Art Award Tokyo」丸の内、東京

November, 2007_f0148545_1373577.jpg

November, 2007_f0148545_1331580.jpg

November, 2007_f0148545_1332682.jpg

November, 2007_f0148545_1333683.jpg

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October, 2007
October 27, 2007
Yuko Aramaki

October, 2007_f0148545_0325596.jpg

©Yuko Aramaki


荒牧夕子 Yuko Aramaki
October, 2007_f0148545_1583234.jpgVPでは:インチキ日本文化シリーズ第1弾「KABUKI」を初公開。「あなたのイメージする歌舞伎を演じてください」との突拍子もない指示を受けカメラの前に立たされる白塗り・着物姿の出演者達が真摯に各自のイメージする歌舞伎を舞う。オリエンタル・ムービーも上映。(仮)NPOパニール(仮名称)による、インチキ・フォーチュン・クッキーの販売も行う。

Bard College 卒業 Film and Electronic Arts 専攻
日本大学芸術学研究科修士課程修了 映画専攻
映画祭上映「VIDFEST International Video and Film Festival」
映画祭上映「Brooklyn Underground Film Festival」(ニューヨーク)
Red Gate Artist In Residence(北京)にて滞在制作を行う
グループ展・映画祭上映「New Films」(Weis Cinema、ニューヨーク)


Born in Tochigi, Japan

2005 M.A., Nihon University Graduate School of Art, Tokyo
2001 B.A., Bard College, New York

Solo Show
2007 Voin Pahoin, Yokohama, Japan
2006 Weekend Art in Utsunomiya vol.2, HAT, Tochigi Japan

Selected Group Shows and Film Festivals
2005 Open Studio, Red Gate Studio, Beijing
2005 Brooklyn Underground Film Festival, New York
2005 Ultra Independent Cinema, Image Forum Theater, Tokyo
2001 New Films, Weis Cinema, New York

Artist in Residence
2005 Red Gate Gallery A.I.R. Program, Beijing

Public Collections
Museum of New Art, Detroit

October, 2007_f0148545_21335.jpg
October, 2007_f0148545_213162.jpg
October, 2007_f0148545_2132549.jpg

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