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Voin Pahoin is an art collective dedicated to fostering a community.
We open our flat to the public on the fourth Saturday of every month
- transforming it into a makeshift art salon.

May 2007
May 26, 2007
田添かおり + 栗原元 
Kaori Tazoe + Gen Kurihara

May 2007_f0148545_1204491.jpg
left : 栗原元(左から)「Tiny Muver Series」より"ロボ" "ジョージ", 「無題」「無題」 /
Gen Kurihara, (from left) From The Muver Series - "Robo" "George", Untitled, Untitled
right : 田添かおり「explosion」 / Kaori Tazoe, explosion


We invited artists, Kaori Tazoe and Gen Kurihara to our one day residence to cerebrate the opening of Voin Pahoin. The artworks turned our usual home into a space with comfortable tension. Having about 50 people over at our apartment was such a lively, exciting experience. We all felt good vibes.

田添かおり Kaori Tazoe
May 2007_f0148545_1722054.jpgVPでは:日本未公開の新作シリーズ«explosion»を発表。ニューヨークの住宅街で静かに爆発が起こる映像作品と、爆発シーンが革ハギレに型押しされた作品からなる本シリーズは、2006年NYのLocation Oneにて制作された。消費社会におけるメディアの力と経済問題の複雑な関係がシンプルに表れる。その他、現地での制作・生活やACCの助成について、裏事情も含めたトークを開催。

At VP: Tazoe introduced her latest body of work "explosion." It is a series of works composed of two elements: an video work where scenes of explosions bought through the internet are inserted into usual New York city scape, and randomly shaped small pieces of leather that are also bought through the internet. This time, the scenes of explosions are pushed onto the surface. This particular body of work was completed during Tazoe's residence at Location One, New York in 2006. It presents the complexity of media power and economical problems that we face in this society of consumerism. Tazoe also gave a report on her residency at Location One supported by ACC grant, backstage details included.

1970    横浜市に生まれる。
1993    大塚テキスタイルデザイン専門学校卒業
1992    舞台美術、衣装などを制作、グループ展企画、参加を行う
1995    制作ユニット「SUIT」を伊東純子と結成
 |     舞台衣装制作、パーフォーマンス、
2002    DM式発表形態の「SUIT ポストカードシリーズ」等を行う
2001~   オルタナティブスペース「スクラッチタイル」(横浜)を水島大介と設立
       「SCRATCH TILE Screening+Lecture Series」を進行中
2005    横浜トリエンナーレ2005「アートサーカス」出品
2006    Asian Cultural Council助成にてLocation Oneレジデンスプログラム参加

1970   Born in Yokohama, Japan
1993   Graduated from the Otsuka textile design vocational school
1992   Began producing works of stage art & costume and group exhibitions.
2001-    Established the alternative art space "SCRATCH TILE" with Daisuke          Mizushima. Organizing "SCRATCH TILE Screening + Lecture Series"
2005   YOKOHAMA Triennale of Contemporary Art, Japan, 2005
2006   "ACC fellowship award" residency program at Location One

栗原 元 Gen Kurihara
May 2007_f0148545_17315459.jpgVPでは:«Tiny Muver»シリーズより«ロボ»«ジョージ»、また絵画作品を2点展示。てのひらに収まるサイズ、立体要素を持ちながらも壁面展示されるのが共通の要素。«Tiny Muver»シリーズは、立方体の上で、ロボットとお猿のジョージが崩れ落ちては立ち上がるという運動を繰り返す。小さなステージの出来事は、ズームイン・アウトで展開する栗原の4コマ漫画のテンポを彷彿させる。

At VP: Kurihara presented "robo," "goerge" from the "Tiny Muver" series, and two small size paintings. All of them are commonly in the size, which comfortably fits in two hands, and meant to be installed on the wall regardless of its sculptural elements. For example, "Tiny Muver" series is made of a cube box, on which a small toy robot or monkey stands. The toy is timed to collapse and stand back up in an regular interval. The work appears as a small stage coming off of the wall, and it resembles the tempo of the artist's 4 frame comic, in which the story begins and ends as the viewpoint simply zooms in and out of the scene portrayed.

1965   和歌山県に生まれる。
1988   B-semischooling System入所
2001   個展「中村シリーズ&Tiny Muver」展(ギャラリー現、銀座)
      個展「Kurihara Gen Exhibition」展(ギャラリー21+葉、銀座)
2003-6  鈴木達也企画第1弾〜10弾参加 (大津ギャラリー、横浜)
2003   「Shinxus★Multiple」展 (ギャラリーTEZZ、麻布)
2004   開発好明企画「時計じかけの夏みかん」展(ギャラリーなつか、銀座)
2007   DEBLI PROJECT (ギャラリールデコ、渋谷)
      「frame out」展(セブンポイント、大分市)

menu of the month 湘南ライス定食、黒豚ピカソ煮、セロリと鶏ささみのアンダルチア風サラダ、ゴーヤ基地チャンプルー、空芯菜炒めベトナム風、ほっとツナさんど、えびとにんにくの熱々タパス、アサリ潮ムシ、しらすピンチョス、冷やしトマト、バゲット、えびせん、ラムチーズクラッカー、dosköiプリン(5コ限定)、マンゴー白玉

menu of the month Shonan Chicken Rice Dinner, Stewed Pork by Picasso, Andalusia Celery & Chicken Salad, Goya chanpuru, Vietnamese Fried Vegetable, Hot Tuna Sandwich, Garlic Shrimp Tapas, Steamed Clam, Young Sardine Pinchos, Chilled Tomatoes, Ebisen, Ram Cheese on Crackers, dosköi pudding, Mango Shiratama
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What's Voin Pahoin?
What\'s Voin Pahoin?_f0148545_16431741.jpg


Voin Pahoin is an art collective based in Yokohama, Japan.
With an aim to facilitate / create networks of creative individuals, we propose various situations where people meet casually.
Voin Pahoin is comprised of several members. We do not try to have one definite voice as a collective, but to remain sensitive to the flow of ideas and utilize each other's ideas and skills to develop projects.

What\'s Voin Pahoin?_f0148545_16443077.jpg


The monthly open house is the core project of Voin Pahoin. Every time we invite an artist to our "one-day residence," and let him/her occupy our apartment, which results in an 8-hour long exhibition. We, the hosts, organize a home party for everyone whom we met through various occasions. Now our e-mail invitation is sent to about 300 people listed on our mailing list. At the party, we present the result of the one-day residence, host a casual talk by the artist in residence, and serve foods & drinks to create a relaxing environment to facilitate exchanges of ideas. The apartment functions as our home except the opening day of Voin Pahoin on Fourth Saturday of every month.

What\'s Voin Pahoin?_f0148545_16452826.jpg


With a generous invitation from ARCUS Studios in Ibaraki, Voin Pahoin is also running a community project, titled "Memory of a Pot" in Moriya City, Ibarakai since September 2007.


For directions to VP and more details, please contact us at

We look forward to meeting you at Voin Pahoin!
From VP residents: Mayumi Hirano, Kumi Oiwa
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